Think about all the benefits that could bring you some extra money. There are many reasons why getting a car title loan at Car Title Loans California is a smart solution for you in an emergency situation where you need money. Among them are:

  • The interest rates are much better than those of other lending companies. So, this way, you will be saving money, which is always a plus.
  • The company can offer you more money than you can get from other agencies, as they make sure to give you as much money as possible for your degree with their loan calculator. They can give you money depending in the worth of your car on the same day you apply for the loan.
  • And if that’s not enough, the company allows you to keep your vehicle during the loan without any type of restrictions, they will only keep the title to the car while you pay back the money.


If you’re worried about whether you have all the necessary documents to qualify for the loan, read on.

Some of the requirements you will need to have to apply for a pink slip loan are the following:

  1. Your monthly income is important to qualify for the company’s minimum loan because you must prove that you have at least $1,200 in your bank account.
  2. You will also need to provide proof that you reside in the State of California, with some kind of invoice showing your exact address, etc.
  3. All information regarding to your insurance, as the agency in charge will be contacted as a means of protection if something happens to the vehicle, so that the insurance will pay the company and you will not be responsible for this.
  4. Showing your credit, which, is not a crucial factor in determining whether or not you will get a car title loan, is a way for the company to know if you are currently bankrupt and to learn more about your payment history.
  5. At least 5 personal references.
  6. Last but not least, a vehicle whose title is in your name. And according to the value of the vehicle is the amount of loan you will qualify for. So the amount of money you get depends on the year, make, model and mileage of your vehicle.

It is not a secret to anyone that the procedures that involve money, especially when it comes to loans with banking institutions or any other type of agency that manages this service, generate a great deal of doubts and concerns, which are often a major obstacle to take the step and obtain the necessary money.

In those moments when you have questions regarding the operation of the loan, because you do not know what the conditions, requirements, how the payments are made, among others, you should only consult the website or call directly to the telephone number that is on the site to talk to one of the officers and answer your questions.

So, when you think about borrowing, remember that banks and other financial institutions require countless amounts of documents, and don’t settle for that, the response time is absurdly slow, without even knowing if you will get approved for the loan or not, don’t forget that Car Title Loans California offers the best loan services.

With the best interest rates in the market, the highest effectiveness in your attention and delivery of money, plus the high probability of being approved, this is your best option.